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StatAssist displays graphs and related properties of more than 40 probability distributions
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4 September 2006

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StatAssist is the shareware application that can help you to make your statistical calculations. This application gives you graphical display of various probability distributions. This easy to use statistical calculator allows you to calculate all type of distributions and view their related topics with absolutely no errors and saves you lot of time. Various calculations that can be done using this application are selection of distribution, specification of parameter, finding min, max, mode, mean, variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, skewness and kurtosis. You can also have a quick look at graphs-probability density, cumulative probability, survival, hazard, and cumulative hazard etc. This application also allows you to send and save your results in various file formats and have their hard copies. Other salient features of this application are calculation of moments, quartiles, and tail probabilities, random number generator, a visual distribution gallery, and the facility of on-line documentation. Some of the distributions supported by this application are Binomial, Exponential, Gamma, Generalized Pareto, Johnson SU etc.

Using this application you cannot make other complex and functional mathematical calculations.

Publisher's description

StatAssist displays graphs and related properties of more than 40 probability distributions. This application will save you time and prevent calculation errors if your work or study involves the use of continuous or discrete distributions. It allows to quickly select a distribution of interest, specify parameter values, and view the graphs - probability density (PDF), cumulative probability (CDF), survival, hazard, and cumulative hazard. You can easily export the results to various formats, or print them.
With StatAssist, you don't need complex statistical tables - it calculates moments, quantiles, and tail probabilities as you modify distribution parameters. In addition, it includes an efficient random number generator, a visual distribution gallery, and a comprehensive on-line documentation.
Supported distribution properties: min, max, mode, mean, variance, standard deviation, coef. of variation, skewness, and kurtosis.
Supported distributions: Bernoulli, Beta, Binomial, Cauchy (Lorentz), Chi-Squared, Discrete Uniform, Erlang, Error Function, Exponential, F Distribution, Fatigue Life (Birnbaum-Saunders), Frechet, Gamma, Generalized Extreme Value (GEV), Generalized Logistic, Generalized Pareto, Geometric, Gumbel Max, Gumbel Min, Hypergeometric, Inverse Gaussian, Johnson SB, Johnson SU, Laplace (Double Exponential), Logarithmic, Logistic, Lognormal, Negative Binomial, Normal, Pareto, Pert, Phased Bi-Exponential, Phased Bi-Weibull, Poisson, Power Function, Rayleigh, Student's t, Triangular, Uniform, Wakeby, Weibull.
Version 2.0
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